A General Rundown of Reviews and Scoring

So part of this site is dedicated to reviewing things the authors have seen/heard/played. The criteria is more or less purely based on how entertaining the game/movie/whatever is. Obviously, all reviews are just the authors expressing their opinions, so if you wish to throw your opinion in, feel free to agree/disagree in the comments.

Now, here is a run down of the scores. Everything is graded out of 4.

4 – Really the cream of the crop. Either it is devoid of problems or the problems that do exist in what has been looked at are small enough to be overlooked.

3.5 – Also very good, but somehow is just flawed enough to keep it from being perfect, but the flaw is still small enough that we encourage you to take a look at it, and chances are we think it will also win a place in your heart as it did ours.

3 – Still good. While there is something more seriously wrong with it, it is still definitely something worth checking out. You will like it, but whether you really fall in love with it is up for debate.

2/2.5 – Chances are, there are more serious problems. We did not enjoy this very much, but there is some redeeming quality associated with it (how redeeming it is affects if it got the 2.5 or just a 2) that keeps it from dropping to a 1.5. Maybe try it to have a more fair look, but do so at your own risk.

1.5/1 – Quite simply, this piece of garbage was a waste of our time, and we just saw it to warn others so they don’t have to endure what we did. Of course there is the chance whatever we saw is so bad that we may actually suggest taking a look just to be entertained at how misguided the effort of producing it was. I myself am guilty of scoping out Roger Ebert’s “Your Movie Sucks” list just to sate my morbid desire for bad movies.

0 – Whatever it is just didn’t fulfill it’s function. This is saved for things like video games being so obviously incomplete that they are unplayable or other things that just don’t work at the most fundamental levels. Only see these if you are feeling particularly masochistic.