Could Foodfight! Have Been Better?

As I said in my review of Foodfight!, one of many troubles the film went through was the theft of the hard drives containing the footage. The movie was apparently 60% complete and Threshold (for some reason) didn’t back anything up. I stumbled across this trailer, which is basically the only thing that survived from the “pre-theft” version of the movie.


What’s most evident is that, while I still wouldn’t call it great, the animation is much better than the released version of the movie. Sunshine actually looked kind of cute when she was absolutely terrifying in the released version, and Dex in this trailer seemed capable of emoting with his face, which he couldn’t in the final version.

One scene that always kind of bugged me (more so than others) was when Dex used a soda bottle to rescue Daredevil Dan on a shopping cart. In the trailer, we see Dex actually swinging on a bottle that was tethered to the cart. What we saw in the released version of the movie was the bottle just floating with no explanation whatsoever. Now that I think about it, I suspect we saw a scene where they simply didn’t get around to rendering that tether; the movie was pushed out when many scenes weren’t even finished.

Beyond that, there were other things I saw in this trailer. I saw Lady X in her schoolgirl outfit. I saw the Nazis. I saw the whole point of the movie is still supposed to be a giant advertisement of various products you find in a grocery store. In other words, the script that was in the released version of the movie was largely intact from the pre-hard drive theft version of the movie.

The movie’s animation would’ve been a lot better if the hard drives weren’t stolen, but I seriously doubt if the story would have been any better. The whole point of the movie was still to get children into the grocery stores and buy things with recognizable brands as opposed to generic products. Much more so than the animation, it was the movie’s story that I really hated.

Foodfight! possibly could have been a commercial success if it was released as Lawrence Kasanoff originally envisioned; however, I think the movie in itself was doomed from the start. For one thing, Kasanoff was not an animation director. Another is that I think the movie’s screenwriter should not be given work ever again. In short, I think Foodfight! would still have been a bad movie had the hard drives not been stolen.