Wall-E (2008)

Sunbathing on a ruined Earth...

Sunbathing on a ruined Earth…

As you probably know, I’m constantly trying to work through this massive list of movies I somehow missed, but totally should have seen. Last night was Pixar’s Wall-E.

Wall-E is about its titular robot, whose sole task is to clean up an Earth completely ruined by humanity, and how he falls in love with another robot Eve.

Many science fiction films have their own take on where humanity is going in centuries to come, but Wall-E is probably the most pessimistic. From the outset, we see that humankind was forced to move up into space after having rendered Earth completely uninhabitable. While many movies, especially many Ghibli movies like Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, do their part to remind us what we’re doing to the Earth, Wall-E goes a step further to predict what people are doing to themselves with modern technological conveniences (though you’ll have to overlook some rather shameless plugs for Apple products).

Besides that though, Wall-E is basically the single most innovative love story I have ever seen. Wall-E and Eve were essentially non-speaking characters, yet they were able to show each other and the audience exactly how they felt about each other. The sequence where Wall-E spent time with Eve as she awaited recall to the mothership is all you need to see to understand Wall-E’s character.

As always, Pixar gives us absolutely top-notch animation. Wall-E was plenty stylish, but also had more than enough substance to back the style up. It was a breath of fresh air for your average love story; people say Frozen was something new, but I think Disney’s own Wall-E did it sooner and did it better. I have to admit, only due to it being slightly more appealing to my tastes, I did enjoy Ratatouille more, but Wall-E is still something you need to see if you haven’t already. I would even go so far as to say while I personally liked Ratatouille more, I think Wall-E was the better movie.

Score: 4/4