Ask The Pop Culture Historian!

And now for something completely different. Is there anything you always wanted to know about The Pop Culture Historian? Have you ever wondered what goes on in the (possibly crazed) mind that puts together reviews, lists, editorials, and more for your reading pleasure? Then I’m willing to expose myself (not literally!) for anything you ever wondered! I’m willing to respond to anything from the mundane, “What are some of your favorite XYZ?” to “What do you look for in an ideal Mrs. Pop Culture Historian?” or whatever else strikes your fancy.

Be sure to ask your question either in the comments below, write them on the timeline of our Facebook fan page, or shoot us a tweet at @PopCultureHisty. When I receive a nice handful, I will write a post, or possibly a series of posts, that will answer your questions to the best of my ability. I look forward to hearing what you guys wonder!