Chasing Hope

chasing_hopeAfter having gotten her earlier Even So, I got Bonnie Pink’s most recent album, Chasing Hope, which was released last year. Much like Even So, Chasing Hope is an interesting medley of pop styles. “Bad Bad Boy” is a nice catchy tune that I often have playing on my phone on the way to class in the morning while “Natsu-Gare” has an oddly 1970s feel to it, where the primary instruments are drums, a bass guitar, and an organ. “Don’t Cry for Me” reminded me of American jazz while “My Angel” was very reminiscent of the Beatles’ “Let it Be”; the latter is unsurprising as Pink’s resume includes a cover of the Beatles’ “Blackbird”, which was featured in the Japanese release of George Martin’s ill-fated In My Life. To me, the real standout tracks are “Mountain High” and “Change”.

As Chasing Hope was released 9 years after Even So, it’s reasonable that Bonnie Pink’s style has evolved in that time. While Even So appealed to the part of me that’s a child of the 90s, Chasing Hope stood on its feet as a solid, modern J-pop album while still having the distinct, Bonnie Pink style. She still has a great voice and a very interesting lyrical composition style.

Score: 3.5/4