Reaction to iOS 7

Screenshot of my iPhone once iOS 7 was installed

Screenshot of my iPhone once iOS 7 was installed

As our readers should know, The Pop Culture Historian has always been a blog about content, not devices. However, now that the iOS 7 has dropped, I simply felt that I had to talk about it a little bit now that I’ve had it for a couple days.

Actually installing the new operating system onto my iPhone 4S was an interesting experience. I got onto the Apple server just fine, and had it downloaded without a hitch, albeit taking 7 minutes to do so. However, when I tried to actually install the software, my phone needed to connect to Apple’s server again to verify my download. It was at that point that I was having a hard time connecting simply because too many people were trying to log into Apple’s servers at the same time. That issue was resolved by simply waiting a few hours, and then installation ran without any further issue.

In general, I do like the new look of iOS 7. For the longest time, all of Apple’s iOS had an almost identical user interface, from the original iOS all the way to iOS 6. To me, the new look is the result of Apple needing to do something new now that the iPhone is facing more serious competition from the likes of Samsung’s Galaxy and other Android-based phones.

However, I am running into performance issues with the iOS 7. To me, it’s clear the iOS 7 was developed for an iPhone 5, and thus clearly wasn’t optimized for the 4S. For the most part, it doesn’t interfere with my ability to use it, but I did notice my iPhone being a hair slower than it was when it was running iOS 6, which in turn was a hair slower than iOS 5, which was the operating system my phone came packaged with originally.

The biggest problem I ran into is the Facebook iPhone app. To be fair, I know that Facebook, despite being a worldwide social phenomenon, is an utter piece of crap from a software engineering perspective, as features, especially in the mobile app, tend to randomly break for no reason.  Before updating to the new, iOS 7-friendly version of the app, I was noticing my Facebook app randomly crashing in the middle of my using it. However, the new version, while it runs, is noticeably slow; I was trying to search a friend, and Facebook was trying to help me by searching as I typed. However, the app lurched to a halt as it couldn’t decide between continuing to search and letting me finish type the name in. Once again, I think this is an issue that is with Facebook and not the iOS.

Overall, iOS 7 is still highly usable on the iPhone 4S. However, I would personally recommend sticking with iOS 6 until you upgrade to the iPhone 5S or something.