Meesh EP

coverJust in time for another school year at Cornell University, Meesh’s EP has dropped! From the get go, I noticed that Meesh was using higher end recording equipment, thus sounding a lot more professional than their earlier (but still very good) MR-8 album. Furthermore, the Meesh EP is the first time we get to hear a full Meesh band on record, with Max Petersen on banjo and Georgia Crowther’s backing vocals supporting Adam Hachey’s and Mitch Chisholm’s existing sound. While MR-8 had a sound that I thought was reminiscent of the Beatles, the Meesh EP reminded me much more of Simon and Garfunkel. I think that may have been with the addition of Crowther’s voice, songs like “One of Us” (which I heard live without Crowther singing) sounded much more haunting, but still seeming like it came straight out of the era of the Vietnam War-era counterculture movement. Overall, as much as I liked MR-8, I feel like the Meesh EP generally had a much more interesting sound simply due to the fact that it had additional man (and woman) power to make it. While MR-8 is an album to listen to while sipping your favorite scotch, I think Meesh EP is best enjoyed with your favorite American bourbon.

Score: 4/4