In general, I have to admit that I’m skeptical about the whole concept of musicians covering someone else’s songs. Sure, you have the rare instance where I prefer the cover over the original; All Along the Watchtower comes to mind, where I do like the Jimi Hendrix version more than that of Bob Dylan. I’m even more skeptical when it comes to a cover of what was at one point the second most overplayed song on Z100: Rihanna’s Umbrella.

What is interesting is Tiana Xiao’s and Lex’s version of Umbrella is the fact that they offered a brand new interpretation of it. They took an R&B song that gives me (unpleasant) memories of my home in Edison, New Jersey, and made it a duet that sounded more like it belonged in a Disney movie. For Lex’s side of the song, new lyrics were added, thus making the song an “Umbrella/Cinderella” medley of cover and original.

What I found interesting was the fact that the instrumentation was apparently rendered on an iPad. Thus, the sound overall is simple and sweet, albeit a little corny. Overall, it was a well-sung take on what I think was the second most overplayed song on Z100 (the first being Please Don’t Stop the Music, also by Rihanna).

Score: 3/4