Predator (1987)

Billy fears no man.

Billy fears no man.

Have you ever wanted to watch a movie that made you feel really manly? Then you needn’t look any further than an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie from the 1980s, such as 1987’s Predator.

Predator follows Major Dutch (Arnie) as he is sent into a Central American jungle with his commando team and a CIA liaison (Carl Weathers) on a mission that culminates in blowing up a rebel base with a very large number of bullets and explosions. It doesn’t take long for Dutch and his team to find themselves targeted by something that isn’t human.

Predator is very typical Arnie movie from the 1980s, which is to say nothing really like science fiction classic RoboCop. The plot was pretty minimal, and it served to do little more than giving Arnie a chance to blow stuff up, kick ass, and follow up with a one-liner. Lapses in logic were all over the place.

With what the movie set out to do though, it delivered in full. Considering the movie’s age, I will say I was impressed by the movie’s special effects with the titular predator (portrayed by Kevin Peter Hall). Predator made no attempt to have some sort of message to it. Elpidia Carrillo’s character legitimately served no purpose besides being a pretty face; she was the only female in the movie’s cast.

The premise of the mission was just an excuse for Dutch and his team to be in a jungle and commit the spectacular exploding of the rebel base at the beginning of the movie and subsequently get stalked by the predator. This plot was basically the definition of shallow plots, and considering I went into it knowing it was an Arnie film, I expected that and was far from upset because of this fact.

This is a very superficial review, which I think works for a movie that was very shallow, but was still pretty well-made at the same time. I’m the first one to say I think Arnold Schwarzenegger is the worst actor to have ever been allowed to flourish in Hollywood. However, if this movie didn’t have Arnie in it, I don’t think I would have grown the beard I had by the movie’s end. This movie will make a real man out of you, even if you are a woman.

Score: 3/4