Metal Gear Rising (PlayStation 3)–First Impressions

My birthday is coming up! As a present, I got Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance for the PS3.

As the title implies, it is set in the Metal Gear universe. This time, you play as Raiden. It’s ironic as there was such a fan backlash against playing as Raiden for most of Metal Gear Solid 2 only for him to reappear in Metal Gear Solid 4 as a really cool, but supporting character. Kojima Hideo is ever so enigmatic with his promises when he said Metal Gear Solid 4 was going to be the last MGS he was going to make.

Anyway, it’s clear Rising takes a departure from the stealth gameplay found in the MGS series for a hack-and-slash action approach, and thus the game is far more fast-paced. I must say despite playing the game for an hour, I have yet to get the hang of the game as I’m getting my butt handed to me.

What I’m seeing so far is real style as far as the game’s overall presentation, and the story takes itself even less seriously than it ever did in the MGS games. Stay tuned for a full review when I log more hours into the game.