Goddess in the Morning

Goddess in the MorningGoddess in the Morning is a 1998 Arai Akino/Yayoi collaboration project. With that in mind, it is very atypical Arai. The songs in general were very haunting, particularly “Reincarnation” and “Tribute to Jungle”. The latter (particularly because its use of a double bass) as well as the album’s title track, to me anyway, were reminiscent of Kanno Yoko’s work on Macross Plus, despite the fact that Kanno didn’t work on any of these songs. It’s one of Arai’s older albums, so I think it’s interesting she shifted her style away from her more typical easy listening J-pop. Nonetheless, it’s Arai Akino, and I think fans of J-pop should definitely pick it up.

Score: 4/4