First Impressions: Dishonored

What is easily one of the more popular games of the season showed up in the mail as a Christmas present from my folks. Thanks guys!

Anyway, as you guys know, Dishonored is the stealth-action game brought to us by Bethesda, the same company responsible for Skyrim. Already, it’s not quite what I was expecting.

I knew it was going to be an action-RPG. However, the game is a lot lighter on the RPG element than I was expecting. You learn spells, but there really isn’t a lot of emphasis on upgrading your character.

Other than that though, the game is a ton of fun. I’m trying to get through the game while causing minimal deaths among the city’s guards, which is much more challenging than playing a “run ‘n’ gun” style. Despite being a Bethesda game, the gameplay reminds me more of Bioshock overall, and that may at least partly be because of the steampunk atmosphere the game created.

Anyway, stay tuned for a review when I log some more hours into this game.