Mass Effect 3 (PlayStation 3)–First Impressions

My side project from the end of February until about a month ago was working on Mass Effect 2, which I greatly enjoyed. Thus it makes sense that I got my hands on the latest game in the series, Mass Effect 3.

So as was in Mass Effect tradition (ok, not the PS3 version of ME2 as ME1 wasn’t out for PS3), you can import your character from the previous game, complete with all the decisions you made and his existing level and thus eliminating a lot of the initial time sink in growing him.

Mass Effect 2 was already a great-looking game for the PS3, and I can safely say ME3 actually looks even better so far. I have seen few PS3 games that have texturing this good.

For the most part, gameplay is unchanged, though there have been improvements like making combat more exciting and eliminating the mineral mining, which was easily the most boring part of ME2.

Anyway, stay tuned for a full review later on.