Drift Special: Beauty Battle

Normally I avoid movie posters, but here you will know exactly what the movie is all about.

This is a review I wrote as a Facebook note when I was but a lad of 17 and far from conceiving a blog like this. Since I was but a foolish high school student, please keep that in mind while reading my somewhat unrefined prose.

When I was just wandering Youtube, I happened to head in the direction of this movie, somehow. Hot Japanese girls? Check. Hot Japanese girls in fast cars? Check. Hot Japanese girls in bikinis in fast cars? Check!!!!! Despite this being a live-action and not an anime film, DS: BB is just fan service. Basically, three schoolgirls decide to form their own drift racing team. What I’m about to say next proves how this movie is an Initial D copycat: the girls have an AE86 Trueno (aka Corolla here in the States). To be blunt, this movie was just really stupid, and has a very select target audience.

For most of the movie, it is basically Nagasaki Rina’s character (the lead driver, I couldn’t quite catch her name because the version I watched had subtitles that gave all the obviously Japanese characters Chinese names. The subs were awful and obviously not done by a native English speaker) trying to master her own driving technique. Then, she and her two friends (Horii Mizuki and Iwane Ayuko) decide to go to the beach. The only reason that scene was implemented was so we can see these three women in bikinis. That is not surprising since they were played by Japanese pin-up idols. Then, on their way back up from the beach (and still in their bikinis), Angel86 (that’s their team name) encounters Team Lady Speed. That team becomes the rival in the movie.

I am aware that the people who made this movie were never planning to make a cinematic masterpiece in any respect. The whole point, as I said before, was just to show guys hot Japanese girls street racing. As it is, the lead actresses are all pin-up idols, and, well, not actresses. Even then, it was kind of tough to really judge acting ability given the script they were given to read. This is what it called for. Nagasaki should drive, look pretty, and get emotional occassionally. Horii should tune up the 86, look geeky (and pretty at the same time), and get really emotional occassionally. Iwane should wisecrack, ride with Nagasaki, look pretty, and never get emotional. Basically, a monkey with half a brain can do all of the above (well, except for looking pretty). If you’re in dire need of seeing some hot Japanese girls drift racing (and getting started on a hobby, perhaps), then I wholeheartedly recommend this. For anyone else, I’d advise keeping your distance. As it is, despite being a car nut, I didn’t even enjoy the Fast and the Furious movies. If you didn’t like those, you’re doubly not going to like this.