Chobits–First Impressions

My curiosity got the better of me, and I got started on Chobits. The basic premise is that, in an alternate reality where personal computers look like women, our hero Hideki finds one in a trash heap upon moving to Tokyo to attend cram school.

I saw the first four episodes, and already I can see why opinion seems pretty fiercely divided on the show. On one hand, I find the lead characters a little bit on the annoying side, particularly with the main character seeming like a borderline porn addict. Also, while Chobits is full of really pretty art, I feel like the animation itself is nothing really to write home about. The music is a mixed bag, but I did find the show has had its moments so far. Hideki, while still being pretty annoying, does have his moments of hilarity, and I think that’s largely because of his voice actor, who later went onto voice the main character of Gintama.

I have heard the series does pick up later on, so I think I should reserve judgement for when I’m done with the series. Stay tuned.