Mass Effect 2 (PlayStation 3)–First Impressions

Mass Effect 2 is an action-RPG developed by Bioware and published by EA in 2010.

I logged my first hour of gameplay as of now. What I noticed first was some jaw-dropping gorgeous graphics. It may be because Mass Effect 2 isn’t really an open-world game like Skyrim, so everything looks great up close. That and the great voice-acting and music shows that Bioware really went out of their way with presentation.

As far as gameplay goes, so far there is equal amounts of action as there is RPG. At the start of the game, you create a character and a character class. This game does allow for further character customization, but so far it feels really light compared to other RPGs I played, again because Mass Effect 2 places much more emphasis on the action gameplay, which is in the form of third-person shooting here.

Overall, I do enjoy what I am seeing so far and really want to get back into playing. Stay tuned for a review once I’ve logged more hours into the game.