As I have demonstrated time and time again on this blog, I’m a pretty hardcore fan of Arai Akino, who is by and far my favorite songstress from Japan.

While Sora no Uta was a greatest hits album, Eden (2004) is one of Arai’s studio albums, and a recent one at that. As far as I’m aware, the songs on this album were not part of any anime soundtracks. Even though I gave Sora no Uta a full 4/4, I think I can say that I actually like Eden better. I think maybe because Eden is not a greatest hits album, the songs in general felt more like they belonged together.

My favorite song by and far is Roundabout Drive. Other good ones include New World and Nijiro no Wakusei. Overall this album is a winner, and I think fans of quality Japanese pop vocalists should definitely pick up Arai Akino’s Eden.

Score: 4/4