Memorable Movies 1: Introduction, Jaws, Singing in the Rain, Super Troopers

So I’m not much of a talker or a writer… in most cases, but I love talking about movies.  What I’ve found out is that many people have not seen movies that I think are quintessential to our culture.  Most movies and TV shows today have at least one reference to these older, for some reason forgotten movie, and it’s usually the one clever one-liner that everyone found to particularly funny.  It pisses me off that no one knows what these movies are referencing to.

I’m a modest film lover, I’d even dare to say a mild one, and it’s depressing to me to hear that people have never seen amazing films like “Airplane” or “Jurassic Park” or “Citizen Kane.”  Oh sure, you’ve heard of them, but I bet you can’t sit through ‘em anymore.  Hell, I can’t sit through most of them anymore.  Our generation likes short’n’sweet or action-packed kind of movies; we can’t sit through hours of dialogue and witty exchanges in order to get to the climax.  So, let’s do what our generation does best and youtube clips!  I’m going to compile, to the best of my abilities, as many great / poignant scenes as possible – the ones that epitomize some of the best of American (and hopefully some foreign, which I am significantly less versed in) cinema. These movies are mostly, if not all pre-2000s.  This is not because there weren’t any rehashes of older films before 2000, nor because I think there are only bad movies after 2000.  I just wanted people, of my generation…, to see that there were great movies before we started seriously watched movies, and that these are the ones filmmakers turn towards, the ones we currently pay homage to in today’s cinema.

All in all, I hope this will at least broaden your horizons on some movie culture.  The goal, the dream is that it’ll encourage you to go out and rent or Netflix one of these movies and watch the damn thing from beginning to end.

Hopefully this will be a recurring series.  I’ll try to give a short synopsis and then describe and include clips of the most recognizable scenes.  Today I’ll be talking about Jaws, Singing in the Rain and Super Troopers.

Spoiler Alert! These are the more memorable scene(s) from these movies, so even though it might not ruin the entire film, it may ruin an important part!

Jaws, if you do not know, is the 1975 film made by Steven Spielberg about a giant shark that terrorizes Amity Island. Martin Brody, the town’s sheriff tries to close down the beach when a young woman’s body washes ashore.  Matt Hooper, a marine biologist, confirms that the woman was attacked by a large shark. After more deaths, Quint, an ornery shark hunter reminiscent of Captain Ahab, is hired to hunt and kill the beast.  The three of them set off after the shark…

I feel like many people developed a fear of swimming after watching this film.  The theme that plays when the first victim is claimed still drives a spike of fear deep into my heart and is one of the most recognizable things from the film (besides the giant shark of course)

Probably the most famous line in the whole film!  And that theme!!!!

Quint’s death is also another traumatizing and memorable scene.

Of course, what Brody does after is also famous. I mean don’t you watch Mythbusters?

Singing in the Rain is a 1952 American comedy musical.  It depicts the transition from silent films to “talkies.”  It features Gene Kelly , a rather remarkable tap dancer and actor.  The thing I enjoy most from the film is the dancing and singing (as any good musical should).  Personally, when I watched the film, I felt that it did not really hold my attention for the whole run, but I’d still recommend watching the whole film nonetheless.

My favorite number in the whole film – Make ’em Laugh!  What a talented actor!! I’ve included the best quality clip, but try to find the whole song.

Another wonderful dance and song number!  I love to sing this to people when I feel especially silly – no one ever gets the reference though (maybe they will now haha!)

The titular song “Singing in the Rain”.  A great song, a great concept for a dance number.  Did you know that the rain is a mixture of water and milk to make it appear in the film?  A fascinating scene all around!

Super Troopers is the 2001 (ok I lied about the 2000s thing haha) film by Broken Lizard, a comedy group.  The story is about a bunch of state troopers that uncover an illegal drug smuggling ring and corrupt cops all while trying to avoid being shutdown due to budget cuts, but what it’s best known for is its shenanigans.

And pranks

Unfortunately this is one of those films with lots of great little scenes and one-liners and almost no good youtube videos.   So here’s the trailer…

Check this movie out!1!!

Edit: While researching youtube clips for this series, I found that some marvelous group has undertaken something similar to what I wanted to do and is posting great film clips on Youtube!  I use most of them as my links btw.  Check them out!