Angel Links–First Impressions

Angel Links surrounds the security firm after whom the anime is named. As a fan of Outlaw Star (see 5 Awesome Anime Series), I decided to check this one out as Angel Links is set in the same universe. In fact it is a spin-off surrounding characters that appeared in one episode.

Having just seen the first episode, I don’t really know what to expect yet. Seeing the return of Duuz and Valeria (both of whom appeared in just that one episode of Outlaw Star) did nothing to really make me feel that I’m watching something that’s related to Outlaw Star, and that may be because they (especially Valeria) were given brand new looks. Seeing Fred Luo make a (non-speaking) cameo did put my mind at some ease though.

Angel Links is primarily about 16-year-old Li Meifon. The first episode didn’t really give me an opportunity to really get to know her, but I did get she has a fiery temper, a soft side, and a huge chest in which she conceals a creature that can transform into a sword. Already I did see Angel Links give some fan service with loving shots of Meifon’s chest.

Overall, the general aesthetic of Angel Links already reminds me of science fiction anime of yester-year, complete with laser guns that go “pew pew”. Hell, even in Outlaw Star, guns fired with a bang. Character designs (I already mentioned Duuz and Valeria) don’t really look like what they did in Outlaw Star, and I’m not really in love with Meifon’s look. On the other hand, the music gave me a nice nostalgic feeling associated with tunes from older anime series, which I wouldn’t have expected from a 1999 series.

Also, I’m getting the feeling Angel Links is more of a drama than Outlaw Star. Outlaw Star was very much a boys’ science fiction adventure show, but Angel Links had more of a character-driven first episode.

As Angel Links is only 13 episodes long, stay tuned for a review (very) soon.