Saw: The Final Chapter (2010)

Take one hard look at this picture. Now you know what the movie is all about.

I’ll admit this: I saw Saw: The Final Chapter (or Saw VII, or Saw 3D) without seeing any of the preceding movies. Despite all that, I got along fine since there hardly any plot to speak of and maybe a few minor references to the original. Basically, the Jigsaw Killer decides to put Bobby through a set of traps because he claimed he survived Jigsaw’s games before when he didn’t in reality.

If any of you have seen a Saw movie, you’ll know it’s basically Jigsaw (or a disciple) putting random people through a set of increasingly grotesque traps with a very weak plot to unite them. I’ll put this out right now: I hate slasher films. Sure, violence junkies would get a real kick out of seeing things like power drills put through people’s eyes or jaws getting ripped out, but that is an instant turn-off for me. In fact, it makes me wonder why the writers of the film weren’t considered public hazards as they are clearly capable of conceiving such ideas for the movie.

It is actually a good thing that there is no real plot to speak of. The segments in between the trap sequences that develop the story involve a cast filled with non-actors reciting the lamest dialogue you will ever hear. I didn’t think Hollywood was even capable of hiring actors as bad as those who appeared in Saw VII. You know there’s a problem when Tobin Bell (the original Jigsaw), in his brief cameo, gave the best performance in the movie.

I’ll reiterate, gore addicts will accept this movie at face value. Saw movies were clearly popular as they grossed enough at the box office for the producers to feel inspired to churn out as many sequels as they did. To me, Saw VII represents a very cynical Hollywood mentality of knowing the movie is a piece of garbage, but also knowing it will do well financially.

Score: 1/4