Hello… it’s me, Whoreson! Don’t remember me?  I’ve totally been posting things on this website.  Ya know that one article? Yeah I wrote that one article.

Anyways… I’m here to talk to you about my favorite anime: GINTAMA!


This show…  I cannot even begin to describe how amazing or how hilarious this show is but I’m going to try.  I’d want to write a massive essay about every episode, but I’m sure that’d kill everyone (mostly myself).   So I’ll try to keep it short, which makes it hard since the show is at its best in its little moments — the reactions and one-liners that just cause you to gag on your drink.

So the basic story of Gintama is that Japan has been taken over by aliens, called Amanto, during the late Edo period.  Samurai tried to fight the aliens, but lost to their superior technology.  The show revolves around one of the samurai who fought against the Amanto, named Sakata Gintoki.  The first episode introduces Shimura Shinpachi, a teenager who is trying to save his sister Otae from working in a brothel.  After Gintoki saves his sister, Shinpachi, impressed by Gin-san’s actions, decides to work as his apprentice.  They soon encounter Kagura, who is a Yato, a type of alien known for their ferocious strength.  Together the trio become freelancers known as the Yorozuya.    Honestly, the plot is just an excuse for the writer to put in anything / everything he wants into the show – from sword wielding bad-asses to a gag based around Blu-Ray.

There is a huge cast of supporting characters who constantly appear and going through them all would be a pain.  Suffice to say the show does a great job with creating unique characters who insert their own unique humor into the show.  There will be at least one character that just makes you absolutely die from laughter, and he/she will show up quite frequently.  One of my friends loves Madao (Hasegawa) for just being this middle-aged normal nobody.  My personal favorite is Zura (I mean Katsura…), one of Gintoki’s old comrades, now branded as a terrorist and constantly on the run but who still has time to be just ridiculous.

I just spent like half an hour trying to find a picture with most of the cast...

If you like anime or video games at all, you’ll love this show.  One of it’s mainstays is parodying everything – from making fun of Dragon Quest to poking fun at mainstream animes like Bleach, Naruto and One Piece.  Take this for example.  Don’t worry – the language difference won’t impede too much on the joke in the video.  Hell, the show even loves making of itself – they spent a whole episode with a Jump editor who’s struggling with his show, which bears a remarkable semblance to Gintama, who is given suggestions about how to improve his show, by Gintoki who gives it the full Jump treatment (turning it basically into Dragonball).

One of my favorite things about this show is its ability to be action packed and silly at the same time (Edit: well the sounds out on that video… so here’s the audio lol).  I really wish I could pinpoint every awesome moment, but honestly there are so many of them (and all of them would require so much exposition… this review is NOT DOING THIS SHOW ENOUGH JUSTICE!!).

One of the biggest problems with the show is that it is very Japanese.  All of the jokes, the great wordplay will go skyrocketing over your head most of the time if you’re not well versed in Japanese culture (and language).  This issue with Japanese wordplay is pretty similar to shows like Yakitate Japan (another great anime, with one of the weirdest premises ever…). Worse still, if you’re not well versed in anime or video game culture a lot of the references will go right past you.  If you’re not a fan of reaction faces, silly puns, 4th wall breaking or insanity, stay the hell away.  Also, this show really isn’t for someone who is first dipping their toes into Japanese culture or at least anime.

Seriously GTFO

If you don't like anime or video games, why are you even reading this?

It’s currently somewhere around 239 episodes long, I think.  And honestly, it starts a bit slow.  Once you get to know the characters (about 20 episodes in), the author really begins to kick things off.  While there are arcs, most of the magic happens in-between.

This is one of the few animes I watch that I go ultrahardcorefandom over.  It’s a breath of fresh air in an anime world that takes itself too seriously or not seriously enough, and I seriously recommend all people to give it a good long look!

Instead of a score I’ll try to summarize my opinion of this show in a brief paragraph:  If you’re a huge fan of Japanese humor, video games, anime and parody, you’ll love Gintama.  In my opinion, it combines all the right mixtures of humor, action and sentimentality.  The images and voice acting are all spot on (you’ll constantly be on the lookout for the VAs in other shows too!).  If you take the time to actually watch this show (get past episode 50…), you’ll know what I mean when I say, trying to describe this show in less than 1000 words is impossible without using broad (and extremely positive) descriptions.  IT’S JUST FRICKIN AMAZING!

**Edit: Well butts, I just realized I could’ve embedded all those videos instead of putting hyperlinks.  AWWW WELL! XD