The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (PlayStation 3)–First Impressions

My copy of Bethesda’s new RPG finally arrived in the mail yesterday, so I managed to log my first couple hours in the game.

In Elder Scrolls tradition, you start in legal custody, only here you are awaiting execution. When you are asked your name, you create your character.

Already, what I noticed that’s different from Oblivion is how classes are ditched altogether. Leveling up is solely based on your skills, and there is no distinction between major and minor skills. Skills level up as you use them (i.e. casting fireballs ups your Destruction skill), and that makes sense since in real life, you get better at things the more you do them. Also, when you level up, you have a choice between increasing your maximum health, magicka (Elder Scrolls talk for mana), or stamina. Once again, the focus is squarely on your character’s skills.

What is interesting is the dual-wielding combat. You can map weapons, shields, or magic spells to each of your hands, and that definitely quickens the pace a little.

Anyway, I only played for a couple hours, meaning I hardly even scratched the surface as to what Skyrim has to offer, so stay tuned for a full review when I get more hours of play in.