Lie to Me–First Impressions

I saw a couple episodes of Lie to Me (more like the ending of 1 with my sister then I saw another full episode), and honestly I’m debating whether to continue watching or not.

Lie to Me is about Dr. Lightman (Tim Roth), a forensic psychologist who specializes in detecting small gestures and facial expressions to determine if people are lying or not.

Already, the vibe I’m getting is Lie to Me is basically the closest thing the crime and investigation drama genre has to a House, MD. Dr. Lightman and Gregory House are similar in that they are somewhat socially inept yet people are forced to tolerate them because they’re as good as they are at their respective jobs.

Unlike House, the thing is that Lightman’s science isn’t very esoteric. Namely, even I could figure out what he was looking at before he explicitly said so when he analyzes photographs or interview tapes. Moreover, the plots were rather predictable.

All in all, I can very much see why Lie to Me was cancelled after 3 seasons. The premise of the show was ripe for the writers simply running out of ideas, and thus it shouldn’t have come as a surprise that pretty much after season 1, the ratings just tanked. I might watch another episode to decide if I should at least finish watching the first season, but overall I feel like I’m hesitant to do so.

EDIT 8/30/2011: After starting another episode, I have decided that I will not continue with Lie to Me. The episode was just unable to maintain my interest.