City Hunter (1986 anime series)–First Impressions

I recently finally got around to starting City Hunter. I have been wanting to see this series for a while, and what really got me going was when I heard of the popularity of the recent Korean drama of the same name (but of completely different plotline).

I have just seen 3 episodes (out of 51) of City Hunter so far, but I can say that I’m definitely enjoying what I’m seeing so far. City Hunter surrounds itself around Saeba Ryo, a highly skilled and highly perverted “sweeper,” or vigilante who deals with what the police can’t or won’t. He is a highly skilled marksman using a Colt Python as his weapon of choice, and generally prefers working for customers that are attractive women.

What I really noticed was the sweetness of the animation, especially considering this series was from the mid-1980s. In fact, I haven’t seen many newer series that look anywhere near as good as City Hunter. Also, I am liking the soundtrack.

At the same time though, the series so far felt like a “Villian of the Week” episodic setup without really anything happening to develop Ryo. But I do like what I have seen so far enough to keep watching and give the story a chance.

Stay tuned for a full review when I’m done watching the series.