Sora no Uta by Akino Arai–Review and Reaction

Ever since I’ve seen Outlaw Star for the first time as a 10-year-old kid on Toonami, I was in love with the ending theme songs (Hiru no Tsuki and Tsuki no Ie), both of which were sung by Arai. It was not until recently I finally decided to drop $35 (including shipping and handling) to import Sora no Uta, a greatest hits album featuring Arai’s most famous songs.

Pretty much as soon as I popped it into my computer, I was in love with it. It featured favorites like Hiru no Tsuki and Kirei na Kanjou. Other songs it introduced me to were Voices and Wanna be an Angel.

There was precisely one song I was not in love with, and that was Sputnik. It featured annoying sound effects like Russian radio chatter and cheesy spaceship sounds, which really distracted from the song itself. However, I maintain that if you were to look up “beautiful voice” in the dictionary, you would find Akino Arai as the definition. Thus, I think every J-pop (and that of pop in general) aficionado unfamiliar with Arai owe it to themselves to pick up Sora no Uta to give their ears a treat.

Score: 4/4